Monday, 5 October 2015

1 September 2015: Medira welcomes new CEO

Join us in welcoming Lee McCann to the Medira team.  Lee will take on the important role of CEO to help drive Medira forward in our exciting growth plans.

"Joining Medira is the best decision I’ve made.  It's been a privilege to meet and work with Roseanne and her team.  I cherish and celebrate the unique principles of Medira in serving our customers. Medira is a company and culture unlike any other I have worked with and we are going to stay true to that . I am looking forward to diving into my new role and meeting our suppliers, distributors and valued customers."  Lee McCann

Medira's move to Cambridge!

Delighted to report that we have settled down well in Cambridge, the UK's hub of biotech excellence.
Our new offices are in St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge.  St John's supports high growth businesses across the region and Medira feels happily at home in this dynamic and supportive environment for ambitious, innovative companies in the Cambridge region.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Medira products in the news

Medira's wound healing products have recently made the news thanks to positive patient feedback plus an interest in the technology behind the products.

An interesting article in Newsweek by Christopher Middleton, discusses the history and uses of fish collagen, up to its current use in Medira's Helisorb and Neuskin products

Another article in The Telegraph highlights some successes of Helisorb Particles in healing surgical wounds, and providing relief to Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) sufferers:

Helisorb and Neuskin are seeing increased use in NHS specialty wound dressing clinics and in the private clinic sector, and we are working on adding the products to the NHS Drug Tariff which will greatly increase the availability of the products.

The NHS drive for efficiency means our collagen dressings can play an important role.  Proof of this is the number of patients who have contacted us since these articles were published, describing their distress at years of visits to NHS clinics with no healing occurring.  Interestingly, these are not wounds with known co-morbidities, they are simply stuck in a non-healing phase.

Medira's collagen dressings are so effective because they interact directly with the cellular sequence of events involved in wound healing; something that modern synthetic dressings do not.